The  Women's Caucus Editing and Translation Award

The Women's Caucus Editing and Translation Award is an annual award of $1000 to support an editing or a translation work in progress of an eighteenth-century primary text on a feminist or a Women’s Studies subject (deadline January 15, 2020).

Women’s Caucus Editing and Translation Prize Winner 2019:
Angela Hunter

An Edition and Translation: “Selections from Louise Dupin's Philosophical Treatise, The Work on Women”Dr. Hunter is Associate Professor and English Student Success Coordinator for Fall 2018 at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. Dr. Hunter’s project explores the work of Louise Dupin and has important implications for eighteenth-century studies at many levels. The clarity and organization of the project is impressive, the work is well underway, and Dr. Hunter is already close to finalizing a contract for its publication with the Oxford University Press. She and her co-editor have laid out a serious plan to get this project completed, as evidenced by their comprehensive introduction, thorough appendices, and carefully selected pieces from Dupin’s original work to be translated and annotated.
The project itself seeks to advance the writings of Louis Duping, a “salonnière” who influenced her time tremendously but today remains little known as a serious woman philosopher of the Enlightenment. Madame Dupin’s affiliation with many of the male heavyweights of her time (Rousseau and Montesquieu in particular) underscores the significance of bringing her work to light as separate, original, and equal to theirs. Dupin’s The Work on Women is indeed a stand-alone achievement that complements those of her contemporaries, and worthy of this study.

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