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Daiches-Manning Memorial Fellowship in 18th-Century Scottish Studies


Amount: The fellowship provides a bursary of £1,300 per month, for a minimum of 2 months and a maximum of 3 months, i.e., a maximum award of £3,900. Fellows who are in residence at IASH between 2 and 3 months receive a prorated stipend. Fellows may be in residence at IASH for up to 6 months but do not receive funding beyond the maximum stated above.

Sponsorship: Co-sponsored by ASECS and the Eighteenth-Century Scottish Studies Society (ECSSS)

Eligibility: Post-doctoral scholars without regard to nationality, residence, or academic discipline. Fellows must be members of ASECS and ECSSS at the time the fellowship is awarded.

Purpose:  This fellowship honors the memory of David Daiches (1912–2005) and Susan Manning (1953–2013), eminent eighteenth-century literary and cultural historians of Scotland and America, recipients of the ECSSS Lifetime Achievement Award, and directors of the Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities (IASH) at the University of Edinburgh. It supports two to six months of research on eighteenth-century Scotland as a Fellow in residence at IASH.

We would particularly welcome proposals linked to themes such as Scotland’s role in the British Empire, Scotland’s colonial legacy, the role of Scotland’s universities and other institutions in facilitating the slave trade, the place of colonialism and anti-colonialism in Scottish literature, scientific and medical ideas of race, and the histories of people of colour in Scotland. Please see the Institute Project on Decoloniality for more information about the wider programme at IASH from 2021 to 2024.

Application can be found here:

No applicant may accept more than one ASECS grant or fellowship in any given year.

Fellows are expected to be resident in Edinburgh for the duration of their Fellowship, except by special agreement with both IASH and ECSSS. In the event of nationally or locally mandated remote-working, stipends will be paid in full.

Winners of ASECS Travel Awards and Fellowships are required to mention the award in the notes or acknowledgements section of any publication supported by the award.

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