Traveling Jam-Pot: Fund for Graduate Students - Deadline -  November 15, 2021

Every year ASECS members generously replenish the Traveling Jam Pot, a fund that supports participation in the Annual Meeting by ABDs and PhDs within a year of receipt of the doctoral degree. Jam Pot winners receive free conference registration and $300 toward the expense of attending the meeting. The number of Jam Pot awards granted each year depends on the amount contributed to the fund.


Applications for Jam Pot funding must include the following information:

  • Personal Statement (max. 300 words): In addition to explaining their financial need, applicants are invited to describe their academic projects, interest in the ASECS organization, and/or plans for participation in the Meeting (please be sure to include anticipated graduation date);

  • List of other sources of funding being sought and/or already obtained;

  • Budget; 

    Letter of support from a faculty member sent directly by the faculty member. Applicants, please indicate in your submission the name of your faculty recommender

    Abstract of paper to be presented at ASECS Annual Meeting; and

  • List of professional conferences attended in the past year and titles of papers presented, if any.


Only current members of ASECS are eligible for Jam Pot funding.  Graduate student members are not eligible to receive more than one Traveling Jam Pot award

SUBMISSION INSTRUCTIONS will be published in the Fall

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